OUTDOOR DECOR – 3D vases as trend decoration

ICONIC HOME Vase Sphere in Mystic Mud

Vases made from the 3D printer also look good as outdoor decoration in summer. For this you shouldhowever note that the vases should not be exposed totemperatures exceeding 40 °C – we’ll show you here how this works and where the vases look best.

The vases from ICONIC HOME don’t just look good in the home. Even on a relaxed summer evening, at a garden party or as outdoor party and wedding decoration, they become an eye-catcher on the table, but also on the garden path, at the edge of the pool or in other arrangements.

Arrange vases on the garden table

Staying outdoors is particularly pleasant with fresh flowers such as delicate hydrangeas. To keep summer hydrangeas fresh, it is recommended to use the water in the vase. So they provide a few days of joy on the garden table, on the terrace or on the balcony.

For an arrangement like the one in the picture, you can combine the “Pure” vase in small and medium sizes.

Important: The vases should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time or placed on a surface that heats up from sunlight. Temperatures above 40 degrees can cause the vases to warp.

Good to know: The cylindrical water insert can be used – whether with dried flowers (then without water) or with fresh flowers (with water). Stabilizing the vase contribute and may prevent deformation if the vase is left outside in hot weather.

For a different look and cooler color impression, simply combine vases in other colors and shapes, such as the two vases from the “Twist” series in a lighter shade of gray. In combination with the bluish-green eucalyptus branches, the vases become a great decoration outdoors, for example on the wooden table on the terrace. Another decorative idea here is to combine the vases with berry branches, a candle; the arrangement can find a nice place on a metal tray (suitable in silver) or another surface.

Good idea: The advantage of the vases on the tray is that the arrangement can easily be taken from inside to outside exactly as it is and, conversely, can quickly find a place inside again when the dinner or party on the terrace is over or the sunlight becomes too strong.

Large vases as floor vases outside

This is how to create a summer mood: Simply place the large floor vase from the “Pure” series on the edge of the pool, next to the garden path or in the corner of the terrace or balcony. As a lush decoration, large grasses such as tall pampas grass can perfectly complement the vase. Please do not spray the vases wet – and if it rains, definitely take them back into the house.

It’s not just people who need a shady place when temperatures are high: vases are most happy about a place that isn’t directly in the sun.

Tip: weigh down vases outside with sand

The 3D vases are particularly light in terms of weight – this is particularly practical for transport or when moving them around the apartment when cleaning or redesigning. But if the vases find a place outside, it can make sense to weigh them down with some decorative sand. Although they are not particularly fickle, if a strong gust of wind hits them, they can start to wobble. If you weigh down your vase a little – as I said, with sand or fine stones – you are on the safe side.

3D printing vases as natural outdoor decoration

In the end, we can say that 3D printing vases can be a great decoration for outside. This works best if the vases are not exposed to direct sunlight or too high temperatures. In summer you should therefore make sure you have a shady spot.

Even in the end of summer and autumn, the vases are absolute eye-catchers. You can decorate them with thistles and flowers in autumnal red. The “Sphere” or “Twist” vases look great with their natural shapes – which can also be combined with other plants.

If you place the vases outside as fall decorations, it is important that they have a roof over their heads to protect them from possible rain.

With these tips you can enjoy your ICONIC HOME vases outdoors for a long time!