3D Printed Vases by ICONIC HOME

The Details:

Design Object

Unique ICONIC HOME design with captivating effect


Produced with 100% green energy using renewable resources

High Quality

German-made branded product manufactured through additive 3D printing

For every interior style

Five timeless design lines

Easy to Mix and Match

Flower Vase Sphere ICONIC HOME

Dried Flowers
Fresh Flowers
Natural Materials

The 3D-printed vases can be used with dried flowers, fresh blooms, grasses, branches, or simply left empty as decorative objects.

Each ICONIC HOME vase comes with a waterproof insert. This allows fresh flowers to be used in the vases without any issues.

Details about the waterproof insert






matching the vase


suitable up to 65°C


3D printing




Available in nine colors

Suitable for every room

Stylishly assembled vases

The 3D printed vases from ICONIC HOME are designed to be mixed and matched to form a diverse range of ensembles. Striking and harmonious arrangements can be made with combinations of shapes, colors and sizes. Create your own vase arrangements tailored to your interior.

You can customize the content of your 3Dprinted vases according to your ideas. Whether using dried flowers or fresh blooms, individual branches or entire bouquets, or simply as design objects - the possibilities are infinite.


The sustainable production of ICONIC HOME vases.

3D printing, as an innovative and forward-looking manufacturing process, offers sustainable possibilities. From the materials used to the energy employed, this method of production serves as a compelling alternative.

Production using 3D printing

Layer by layer

Discover how the vases from ICONIC HOME are created layer by layer through 3D printing. Each vase is gradually constructed over several hours in this process.

1. Design

The design for a 3D-printed object is digitally created and transmitted to the printer via software.

2. Prototypes

The finished prototype serves as the basis for further refinements in design and quality.

3. Finished Vases

The final design of the vases is the culmination of numerous processes and creative steps.

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Based on renewable resources

  • The 3D-printed vases are crafted from the bio-based material polylactic acid (PLA).

  • PLA is derived from renewable sources such as corn and sugarcane.

  • The material is colloquially referred to as bio-plastic.

The biocompatible raw material is sensitive to high temperatures. Therefore, the vases are intended for shaded indoor areas.


Manufactured using 100% green energy

With our own solar panel system, we generate more electricity than we need for the production of ICONIC HOME vases. Through storage, the utilization of renewable energy is optimized around the clock.

When the sun isn't shining, and our storage is depleted, we cover the short-term demand with 100% green energy.

The production of vases using 3D printing represents a contemporary and energy-efficient technique. By focusing on renewable energy and renewable resources, we enhance our contribution to sustainability.


Through our regular donations to 'I Plant A Tree,' trees are planted to capture CO2. With the purchase of a vase, you support this initiative.

Surplus Energy

We generate more electricity than we need for our 3D printing processes.

Sustainable packaging

We use sustainable packaging materials, which are either recycled or sourced from renewable origins, for environmentally friendly packaging.

Climate-friendly shipping

We ship in an environmentally friendly manner through DHL GoGreen.


Designer pieces from Germany

Modern Production

The vases are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art production facility. Design, production, and climate-friendly shipping are all under one roof.

A Well-Rehearsed Team

An experienced team, consisting of approximately 30 employees, ensures smooth operations.

Excellent Customer Service
Our award-winning customer service is at your disposal for any questions or requests, ready to assist you with expertise and dedication. Feel free to contact us via email, phone, or contact form.
Sustainable packaging

We pack ICONIC HOME vases with love and care for you. To conserve resources, we use recycled and regenerative packaging materials.

What's important to us

We love to inspire you

Every day, we strive to ensure that you derive much joy from your new favorite piece. From design, through manufacturing and quality control, to shipping, our team is dedicated to ensuring that everything runs perfectly, so you can enjoy your vase for a long time.

We know what matters. With care and attention to detail, we have been here for every customer in online retail for many years.

Designscape Design area

With the design objects by ICONIC HOME, we bring sustainable decoration directly to your home.

Enjoy your vase repeatedly and make your home a place to enjoy.

Nicolas Woll

Nicolas Woll


Designscape building for the production of ICONIC HOME vases